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After months of "this cast member becomes fired, that cast member has written off", Glee's third season finally premiered. I rather enjoyed the very first two seasons, mostly because I enjoy sing and dance. They did several good renditions of old songs and, undoubtedly, a few bad renditions. Among my favorites was the Rebecca Black song, Friday. I had always hated her to make it very popular if this was terrible, however the cast people in Glee caused it to be more pleasurable to me. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I've gotten somewhat crazy with their version mainly because it arrived on the scene. Anyway.

Glee Season 3 Episode 4

There is a great deal of hoopla concerning the happenings with this season. Apparently there's destined to be less guest stars, which suits me fine. I never really got into Gwyneth Paltrow's character and was rather glad doing leave. What got many people talking was the thought of graduation at the end of this year. The characters can't remain in high school forever, after all, except for maybe Brittany. It is often asserted Mr. Schuester and Sue Sylvester will likely be anchors for that show whenever they continue with a fresh cast of scholars. That's fine beside me, though a lot of the fans will miss Cory Monteith and Darren Criss. The females are excellent, don't misunderstand me, but Glee's group of followers is filled mostly with girls that have crushes on both of these iconic celebrities. Still, I'm going to be glad to have result-oriented musical talent on the show if your fourth season premieres.

What Happened To Quinn?

Where did this pink-haired, tobacco use woman originate from? I was expecting to see her go back to her previous cheerleading captain status and take the school go back over, but that didn't happen. She's working the rocker look hard and she's got a brand new pair of friends who're more stereotypical than gay Kurt Hummel. Not too I do not dig what she's checking out, exactly that I'm lost. It'll probably be explained through the season and yes it most likely refers to what happened at prom, but I can't say it didn't throw me to get a loop. She makes me want to do an unnatural hair color though, so she's cool in my books.
Like all Other Season?

Glee s03e10

Everything about season three jogs my memory of the first couple of seasons. I didnrrrt expect it to be wildly different, but I'd heard that some things would change. As an example, Sue wasn't planning to hate around the Glee club the maximum amount of anymore. Yet inside first half hour she publicly arrives from the arts and says that if she's elected to Congress, she's going to withdraw all funding to arts programs until everyone is able to read with a proper level. And she's wanting to sabotage Glee internally, which does find yourself back-firing, but not before becoming the normal Will vs. Sue war.

I expected more using this premiere than I managed to get, I'll admit that. I used to be glad to find out Kurt and Rachel being more friendly to each other and not fighting over lead roles, but which was one little part in comparison to anything else. There's still the conventional Finn and Rachel relationship that's been dragging on since season one that I will only foresee being full of the maximum amount of drama as usual. And Emma, the guidance counselor, could have entered into rapport with Will (finally), but you are still having bedroom problems. They get up together at the start in the episode and also you believe maybe things have changed, but apparently not.
Random Band Students?

I forced my husband to take a break from Gears Of War 3 to allow me contain the tv for that hour that Glee premiered, but since he introduced me to the series, he stayed and watched it with me at night. He mentioned a good point: it seems like in every single song and dance sequence band students are standing in the backdrop just prepared to join in whatever festivities normally takes place. In reality that wouldn't happen. I know that this Glee students need musical accompaniment, but come on. This rock band students were just waiting for the cafeteria evenly spaced and able to play in a moment's notice? As to what world is always that normal?
Overall Summary

I became glad to see that Blaine transferred to McKinley, nonetheless it really was predictable. I rather enjoy his relationship with Kurt therefore far throughout every one of the couples I've seen appear and vanish, these are incredibly stable. Typically though, the premiere is the same as some other episode I've seen. I enjoyed some songs, others I thought they are able to have done better. I hope the newest wild Quinn can add some spice towards the show, however i don't have a terribly high bar for expectations. I doubt I'll continue watching if everything keeps reminding me of episodes which have already been aired.
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October 17, 2011